How To Craft an Authentic Bio that Will Attract Your Tribe

How To Craft an Authentic Bio that Will Attract Your Tribe

The 5 essential pieces you need for a compelling about page, plus 5 brilliant examples

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by narrowing down to a one-sentence profile statement, your about page is a better place to start. It will give you more space (literally) to inject more of your unique words and play with the format of speaking to the people you want to work with.

Then you can select the most important pieces to create that one-sentence profile statement on your social media profiles, as a tagline, or use it as an intro with people you meet.

In this article, you’ll get more questions to go further into each of the five essential parts to your bio:

  1. You/Your business
  2. Your clients
  3. Your clients’ results
  4. Your product/service
  5. Your uniqueness

But before we jump in, I have a challenge for you, dear creative friends. This is especially helpful if you are using your bio on your website, CV, resume, or some ‘designed’ thing.

Here it goes:Continue Reading

How To Create an Irresistibly Unique Profile That Will Make You Proud

How To Create an Irresistibly Unique Profile That Will Make You Proud

How do you describe what you do? And how unique does it sound?

When I was editor at Impact Design Hub, I received up to 10 emails a week from designers pitching projects, organizations, and ideas to be featured on our site. There’s no denying that each one was a worthy idea for worthy people and worthy causes.

But the pitches all sounded basically the same.

Social impact, social enterprise, marginalized, and disadvantaged were the most common words used.

(Don’t get me wrong – I used these terms A TON, too.)

The issue was using these terms didn’t help the people pitching. It made them part of the crowd rather than setting them apart.Continue Reading

3 Simple Actions You Need to Know to Improve Your Projects

Are you getting the most out of your projects? Here are my 3 top actions that each take 10 minutes or less to implement.

Last week I shared how an experimental mindset has helped me lighten the pressure on taking an unconventional architecture path. I find it especially helpful for those of us feeling held back by the quest for perfectionism.

But there is a side to experimenting that can lead you down a slippery slope, as one reader, Bryan, commented:

I’ve been treating my work as a bit tooo much of an experiment a bit tooo long.

This feeling of experiments taking on a life of their own, or not knowing what to do with said experiment, is when you need some boundaries. I find setting clear expectations at the start and reflecting at the end helps create structure to my experiments.Continue Reading

The Mindset That Changed How I Approach My Career

Aiming for perfection used to hold me back from speaking up, sharing what I was thinking, and pursuing what I was interested in. I didn’t want to be wrong, ill-informed, or challenged.

Deep down I had a sense that I was seeking something impossible. But I still rationalized that I had to seek out perfection in order to be successful and, in turn, to find true happiness.

My first business venture in 2012 required a mindset change. What inspired me was a quote I captured in high school and rediscovered in my childhood bedroom the month before I started the new firm:

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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6 Job Boards for Social Impact Design Jobs

Looking for a position with a socially-impactful organization? 

The following six job boards have been collected from my research and recommendations from fellow social impact design leaders.

The roles listed aren’t all going to be straightforward, traditional or familiar. Just like the way you approach your projects with creativity and curiosity, look beyond the position title and dig into the responsibilities, expectations, and company’s description and values. That’s where you’ll discover if it’s a role you want to pursue.Continue Reading