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15 Social Impact Designers Reveal Their Career Defining Moment

I asked a few of my favorite public interest designers:

What was the pivotal moment in your career that led you to social impact design?

Each moment is unique, whether it be a person, project, or place, yet they all tie back to how design can affect people and communities in positive ways. I hope you are inspired by each and see how each of our paths may be different but we all lead back to the same intention.Continue Reading

Our Perception of Community is Wrong

I just missed my transfer bus by 30 seconds. I stood under the shelter watching the GPS tracker for the next bus slowly tick down from 10 minutes. Another man came in and sat down and said, “Hello, how are you this evening?” I smiled and said, “Hi, I’m doing well. How ‘bout you?” He commented how many people he runs into at the bus stop who don’t smile, say hello, or acknowledge each other’s presence. I agreed. I often observe this often during my bus commute and wonder why people seem so distant.

Courtesy of Lea Suzuki, Chronicle

He then asked me “Why do you think people are so disconnected from their community?” Continue Reading

Welcome to Design Affects: Why We Want to Be at the Top of Your Reading List

At design affects, we believe that the design field has the opportunity to impact a larger population in this century. Socioeconomic discrepancies, global warming, food shortages, increasing natural occurrences… the list goes on for the challenges facing our overpopulated Earth. But there are some of us who see these changes as opportunities–even duties–to remedy our past failures through design.Continue Reading