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Tackling The Gold Disparity

On Tuesday night I attended the opening party for the East End Film Festival in London. I’m not that cool.. I was invited by a friend who is much more involved in art and film. My husband was pulled away for last-minute business and wasn’t able to make it with me so I was thinking I would go to the theater, watch some artsy film, and then head home.

I met up with my friend and his partner, which was good to have some people to pal around with. But the film blew me away and got me thinking.

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Building Up Design Firms with Social Enterprise Principles

Know the feeling of being engrossed in something you find fascinating? You want to read more, learn all you can, and tell everyone you know about this new topic. For me, it happened about nine months ago.

I was studying for my final architecture license exam–the ‘special’ one for those of us who want to be licensed in California–and began to learn about the business structures available to set up an architecture firm. Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC, and sole proprietorship were the options available to be a legal architectural service provider in California. Nothing too striking about those, and as far as I could tell, they’d been done over and over again.

At the same time I was working with a friend on establishing a design practice focused on serving community organizations and non-profits, and these legal structures weren’t quite aligning with our mission.Continue Reading

Designing with Storytelling: Part II


In my first post about Designing with Storytelling, I shared my experience with a video storytelling class put on my Richard and Lee of The Shelter Media Project. The first step to every story is choosing what you’re going to say, which in some ways is the hardest part.

Each project has cast of characters that can lead you down a multitude of paths, but knowing your audience and why you’re telling the story will lead you to a successful and meaningful one. And sometimes it won’t be a direct path either.Continue Reading

What I’m Taking with Me from San Francisco

farewell SF

It’s been 10 days since we took our one-way flight to London. I jumped straight into searching for a flat so my husband and I can settle into this new chapter, and also so that I can get back to design affects.

In between searching on Gumtree, calling letting agents, and figuring out the best way to get from A to Z, I’ve spent time thinking about our ‘past’ life in San Francisco. In the five and half years of living in the City by the Bay, a lot has happened in my life. I got engaged and married, attended 14 weddings, passed my exams to become a licensed architect (representing that 17% of women that the AIA quotes), ran two half marathons (I guess I could count that as a whole), established my passion for social impact design, and made many lifelong friendships. It’s been a tremendous chapter here and one that has been hard to close.

But I’m not going to get sappy because what lies ahead in London is equally exciting. So I thought I’d share five things that I’ll take from my San Francisco life chapter.Continue Reading