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Design or People? The Chicken Before the Egg Dilemma


I’m an addict for good ideas. I love hearing about what social enterprises and social entrepreneurs are creating. I salivate for new initiatives to improve neighborhoods and social impact design firms working on difficult problems. But sometimes these initiatives appear to ignore the most important component: the people.Continue Reading

Insight from Academia: The Evolving Profession of a Social Impact Designer

An email from the NEA with a list of Social Impact Design webinars flew into my inbox and I saw that the last one was on education. “Oh, great,” I thought. “More theoretical bullshit, siloed thinking, and disconnected projects.”

But I was wrong (and ignorant,) and I am VERY happy to say that.Continue Reading

The Top 8 Human-Centered Design Tactics You Can Use Today

Future Practice_Mau_Diagram

Do you see a problem? Is there something lacking in your neighborhood? Do you see people doing the same unproductive, harmful action over and over again? Do you want to find a way to implement positive change that isn’t about force but more inherent and natural?

Those were the questions on the minds of the six of us that joined together for IDEO/+Acumen’s Human-Centered Design Course–a diverse bunch representing different backgrounds and experiences.Continue Reading

Starting, Completing, Morphing, Quitting: 8 Commitments to Make When Working for Yourself

jumping in

You are an excellent starter. You have a new idea, something exciting that you think will grab you and take hold. You put all your time and energy in the beginning into it. You see the potential. You feel the heat in your body telling you ‘this is what will work!’

But then you get stuck and start questioning what you’re doing, and if this thing that you chose really is the answer.Continue Reading

Expanding Potential in Pro Bono and Practice: Latent Design [Part 2]


In the second part of my interview with Katherine Darnstadt of Latent Design (here is part 1,) we get into a project that represents the direction of the firm. Katherine shares how flexibility, creativity, and humbleness creates more opportunities, long-term relationships, and a bigger impact. I hope you enjoy what she has to say below!Continue Reading