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Big Questions and Small Actions for Your Journey to Meaningful Work


You know that exhilarating feeling. You’re meeting new people that are doing fascinating work. You’re learning and absorbing all this information that’s sending sparks through your brain. You attend events where you’re constantly nodding, knowing that what they’re saying is meant for you. You even get that paid contract with the client that values you!Continue Reading

Sanctuary, Integration, and Representation: An Embassy for Refugees by Natasha Reid


What do you think of when you hear ‘marginalised communities’? Thoughts of far off, remote places? Makeshift encampments? A neighborhood that makes you weary?

When I hear ‘marginalised communities’, I’m reminded of Design for the Other 90%, the first exhibit I saw that sparked my interest in broadening design’s impact. To put 90% in perspective, this represents 6.4 billion people. That’s a whole LOT of people, and a hugely diverse group.Continue Reading

Understated Change: We Are What We Do’s Design for the Masses

9to5 book

At an event I attended recently about new initiatives and practices increasing citizen engagement, one comment made by the panelists has stuck in my brain: work within the system.

This particular designer spoke about how their architecture firm works within the existing planning and building system to do their work, which is nothing new to most firms. They don’t approach solely from one side–working with only the ‘grassroots’ organizations or only the ‘top’ level–but rather leverage both to bring all parties to a middle ground and produce a viable project.

We Are What We Do is a creative firm doing just this. Continue Reading