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Challenge: Disrupting the Privilege of Higher Education


This a new post series I’m testing to create a discussion–and hopefully some actions–around big topics. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I cannot stop thinking about this statistic Bruce Mau quoted in Future Practice:

Less the one percent of the world’s population has had access to education beyond high school.

Two questions come to mind with this statement, which I’ll use to probe some discussion in a two-part (or more) series. First up: how might we increase access to post-secondary education for more people around the globe?

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Growing the Dialogue Around Public Interest Design


Just in case you missed the news, I have a very exciting announcement:

I have joined the team at Public Interest Design for the next three months as Acting Editor.

It’s truly an honor to contribute to one of the leading websites on impact design, and help grow the conversation and prominence of this larger design movement. You can read these two posts here and here to find out a bit more about what I’ll be doing there.Continue Reading

Pushing and Pulling at the Edges of Architecture


What does the future entail for architects? How can we adapt, progress and continue to be relevant in a world where at times we appear so behind? This question is being discussed and addressed in a multitude of articles, books, panels, exhibits, and even blogs around the globe. Every day I read, watch, listen, or see at least one that is addressing these issues.

It’s a daunting question, and one that’s not always best tackled by the people within the profession who are adhering to the rules, following the well-worn path, and ‘drinking the Kool-Aid.’

Rory Hyde’s Future Practice: Conversations from the Edge of Architecture is one source that encompasses seventeen different approaches, trajectories, and methodologies that provoke new possibilities and thinking.Continue Reading