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Book Review: Design for an Empathic World by Sim Van der Ryn


Discovering the Connections Between People, Nature, and Self

An email with the subject “Are architecture grads prepared for the real world?” arrived in my inbox this past autumn. Intrigued and also a bit skeptical, I opened it and read about a forthcoming book entitled Design for an Empathic World by Sim Van der Ryn. I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Van der Ryn so, naturally, I Googled his name and saw that he had a rich history in California’s architecture scene, including teaching at UC Berkeley, serving as California State Architect, and working extensively on ecological design. Seeing that a lot of his work aligned with my interests, I responded with, “I’d love to read the book and write a review.”Continue Reading

New Year, Still You: Putting a Stop to Life-Changing New Year’s Resolutions


It’s that time of year when goals, resolutions, and intentions are set in place. Hopes, dreams, needs, and wants spin together to fill a bright tunnel for the upcoming year–the best year EVER!

This is my guilty pleasure. Planning and organizing events–from our wedding to a new project to a vacation–are my comfortable domains and elevate me to an increased sense of clarity and foresight. And planning for a whole year? Sign me up.Continue Reading