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What Blogging Has Taught Me About Design (and Happy One Year!)

quai branley

One year ago I sat at my computer nervously staring at the blue “Publish” button. “This is it,” I thought to myself with furled, nervous eyebrows and a clenched jaw. I pushed the button and published my first post onto Design Affects and immediately slammed my laptop shut. Now 45 posts later, I still feel like that when I hit that button and careen my thoughts into the interwebs, although I’ve graduated to quickly closing the page rather than my laptop lid.

Before I even dreamed up the name Design Affects, I spent a lot of time reading why and how to start blogging. One blogger said that blogging improves your storytelling skills. Numerous bloggers recited how blogging connects you with other like-minded bloggers and readers, creating a network of friends and colleagues you never knew were out there. And blogging becomes a repository for ideas that make you tick. Luckily, I too have seen these all fall into place as a result of starting Design Affects.

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The First Step to Measure Impact


“Measure impact.” The mantra for 2014 is penetrating all industries—for profit, non-profit, and the emerging social enterprise—and is demanding to define and display outcomes in both qualitative and quantitative forms. Search for ‘measure impact’ on Google and you will be hit with an overwhelming 385,000,000 results.

As I wrote a few weeks ago here, measuring and sharing impact is crucial for design organizations with social, environmental, and economic goals—even if it’s hard to do. As SROI Network CEO Jeremy Nicholls wrote in this Guardian article as a rebuttal to social investment firm Panahpur CEO James Perry’s article,

Just because measuring social impact is hard to do, this doesn’t mean we should give up.

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