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What If The Hunter-Gatherers Had It Right?

Itaipu Dam

Imagine it is 2114 and you are an astronaut–or even a resident–on the moon, floating a few feet above the dusty, gray surface. With a pair of ultra-powered Google Glasses you zoom in on areas of the Earth to voyeuristically observe human beings What are they doing? How do their homes look? What are they eating? How are communities assembled? What present-day inequities have evaporated?Continue Reading

Building Dignity in War-Torn Sudan: Part 4

This is the  final post of a four-part installment of my article on Studio TAMassociati and their Pediatric Center in Port Sudan for the new PUBLIC Journal, the first publication dedicated solely to public interest design and architecture. Read the first part on the studio here, the second part on the design of the building here, and the third part on the systems design here.

In the final part, tamassociati shares what’s up next for the studio in the years ahead.



Since the completion of the Pediatric Center, tamassociati’s methodologies and projects are receiving increased recognition among the international design community, most recently being bestowed with an Aga Khan Award for Architecture and a Curry Stone Design Prize in 2013. With the award prize money, the studio, which operates as a “research team,” is focusing their efforts for 2014 around the theme “Low Cost, High Value.”Continue Reading