Design Affects inspires, teaches and connects people involved and interested in positive-impact architecture + design. We believe that design has the ability to improve the world we live in and make a more equitable, healthy, and positive future for generations to come.

We also believe that we deserve to get paid for this. In order to create a lasting field, we need to build sustainable organizations that can support current and future generations, both in the work we do and in the services we provide.


My name is Katie Crepeau, and I’m the creator and writer. Katie_10

I’m an architect married to a fellow architect, a California native living in London, and a practitioner of social impact design.

What exactly are my qualifications? Well, I’m not sure if there are any formal qualifications for PID but I’ll tell you what I have done and want to do.


I’m a 2006 Tulane School of Architecture graduate who followed the typical path to get my architectural license. I worked at a few firms in New Orleans, New York City, and San Francisco to complete my IDP and passed all of the architectural exams to officially call myself an ‘architect.’ I learned what we are supposed to do to be an architect, but I still wasn’t fulfilled and saw a lot of holes.

By way of a community design course at Berkeley taught by Matt Miller of Project H, I became enthralled with social impact design. Since then I’ve worked–including many unpaid, volunteer positions–for Free Design Clinic, Architecture for Humanity, and Urban Matters Design Lab. I’ve led projects, built organizations, worked with communities, and participated in many events, seminars, and lectures.

I’m just like you–trying to figure this out–and I need you to make it happen with me. We can only create this industry together.

I’m a creative explorer. From writing to drawing to painting to photography, I use a variety of mediums to explore, understand, and express what it means to be a social impact designer. Follow me on Design Affects, Impact Design Hub, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep on my latest inklings, inspirations, and investigations.


You’ll get the nitty gritty details of the how, why, and what of social impact design, investing, and projects. We’re going to look at what effects projects have had, how organizations operate, and why we should create this industry. If we’re going to build a sustaining design movement, we need to lean on each other, learn from one another, share our trials and tribulations, and celebrate our successes.

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