How to Achieve True Personal Growth

How to Achieve True Personal Growth

You know the feeling when you become completely entrenched in a book?

You deeply feel the words on the page. You begin to act it out in your head. It’s on your mind all the time.

I find it all too easy to embody what I’m reading and learning in a book. It’s a way that I process the new information, filter what sticks, and find missing pieces that I need to make it feel complete.

This typically happens with really juicy stories, like Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and Year of Yes, and inspiring business books, like The Business Solution to Poverty and Clay, Water, Brick.

One current read has had an unanticipated effect on me.

See, mindfulness and meditation has been a part of my life for six years now. I’m not consistent with it (I actively practice it once a week.)

But I notice when I need it:

  • when my thoughts are racing
  • when my to-do list feels overwhelming
  • when I have a deep emotion that needs to rear it’s head

It’s time to take a step back and observe.

The Untethered Soul has taken mindfulness to a whole new level.

It’s connected the dots on the whole point of practicing mindfulness.

It’s not just about relaxing, sitting still, observing your thoughts, and focusing on breathing.

Those activities are to help you understand that your thoughts, emotions and experiences do not define you.

The larger, deeper purpose of meditation is to meet your inner Self, your soul. That is your seat of awareness and consciousness.

You need to sit in your seat of awareness for true personal growth.

Author Michael A. Singer writes:

True personal growth is about transcending the part of you that is not okay and needs protection. This is done by constantly remembering that you are the one inside that notices the voice talking.

See, your inner voice is creating the thoughts, labeling the emotions, and processing external experiences. Yet, your soul lives in observance of your inner voice; it is not defined by it.

This pursuit of inner awareness is influencing my work.

I still have so much to absorb, practice, and figure out for myself. But what I’ve found is that a lot of my work with architects and designers on crafting unconventional paths and building impactful businesses includes a level of awareness building.

Through session activities and assignments, we focus on getting thoughts and emotions out of your head and onto paper to observe.

We work through the many ideas floating in your mind and prioritize what will make a positive difference to you.

And we craft new visions and action plans that allow your energy to flow.

But now I can see the importance in reflection and mindfulness–and it’s going to be more present in my work.

Because if you’re seeking inner freedom, you must practice sitting in that seat of awareness.

I’d love to meet with you if you are seeking space to reflect, think, plan, and discover new possibilities for your career, business or life.

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A final quote from The Untethered Soul on the quest we all share:

To attain true inner freedom, you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them. No solution can possibly exist while you’re lost in the energy of a problem.

This is what I wish for you: more joy, more inner freedom, and more openness to life. No matter how you get there and who joins you on your journey, that is what I would love to see for you. (Yes, you.)

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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