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Why You Need to Share Authentic Stories to Do Your Best Work

Why You Need to Share Authentic Stories to Do Your Best Work

If you feel drowned in marketing, blogging, and social media, return to your story.

As public school teacher turned content strategist, M. Shannon Hernandez has been teaching people of all ages reading and writing for 20 years. “People love stories,” she remarked during our conversation on communicating with authenticity, ease and joy.

Stories are the starting block for connecting to one another – whether it’s a friend on the playground or a dream client in a meeting. This is exactly Shannon’s focus when supporting leaders who want to create thriving businesses.

Through her work with hundreds of adults and children, she knows how to make communications and marketing fun and joyful.

In this interview, Shannon shares more on:Continue Reading

How to Choose a Title that Actually Improves Your Career

How to Choose a Title that Actually Improves Your Career

Is your title holding you back from better clients, more impactful projects, and personal fulfillment?

Creative Changemaker Mia Scharphie knows that feeling all too well.

With a degree in landscape architecture, Mia felt mentally limited in her career path despite working with progressive design organizations such as Public Architecture, Harvard University, and her own Build Yourself Workshop.

Only after committing to ditch ‘Landscape Designer’ for one year was she able to fully embrace how to apply her skills, talents, and expertise beyond traditional expectations.Continue Reading

Designing Business Models for Impact


An interview with verynice founder Matthew Manos on his journey in impact design, a new consultancy, and the importance of thinking business model first.

An exciting new design consultancy just launched–but it’s not offering your typical architectural, communication, web, industrial, or interior design services. Instead, the 2-month-old firm Models of Impact designs business models for nonprofits, startups, and social entrepreneurs.

Began as a research project at the communications and strategy firm verynice, Models of Impact evolved in two years from a collection of social impact business models, to a free interactive site, to now a consultancy offering one-on-one workshops for those seeking to create sustainable organizations.Continue Reading

Sharing More about Social Impact Design Metrics on GOOD FORM!


The new podcast GOOD FORM! has recently hit the internet airwaves and I was lucky enough to sit down with the hosts for their second episode to share my current endeavors with social impact design and measurement.

Started by young architects Bryan Mock and Brandon Wlosinski of The Iterative, the podcast is aimed at giving an inside view of how designers and studios are doing great work. As a “studio of one” with a network of collaborators, I spoke about my current pursuits with, the Autodesk Foundation, AzuKo, and a forthcoming research project into impact measurement for design along with my journey into this work.

I hope you enjoy the interview and make sure to check out the other interviews with Audrey Galo of Architecture for Humanity and Ced Funches.

Building Dignity in War-Torn Sudan: Part 4

This is the  final post of a four-part installment of my article on Studio TAMassociati and their Pediatric Center in Port Sudan for the new PUBLIC Journal, the first publication dedicated solely to public interest design and architecture. Read the first part on the studio here, the second part on the design of the building here, and the third part on the systems design here.

In the final part, tamassociati shares what’s up next for the studio in the years ahead.



Since the completion of the Pediatric Center, tamassociati’s methodologies and projects are receiving increased recognition among the international design community, most recently being bestowed with an Aga Khan Award for Architecture and a Curry Stone Design Prize in 2013. With the award prize money, the studio, which operates as a “research team,” is focusing their efforts for 2014 around the theme “Low Cost, High Value.”Continue Reading