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How To Make the Most Impact Before the New Year

How To Make the Most Impact Before the New Year

The clouds are hovering over London. The leaves are falling and changing color. And the days are getting shorter.

As we enter the final three months of the year, my energy towards the unmet goals I set in January begins to wane.

Anticipating the fresh start of a new year seems so much more exciting.

That’s because new years are chock full of possibility, hope and opportunity. It’s that grass-is-always-greener feeling.

Tell me, do you feel that, too?

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Do you really focus on your value?

Do you really focus on your value?

“My time is valuable.”

We can all agree that our time is important to us.

Our time is worth money.

Our time is imprinted consciously or subconsciously with the principles we stand for in life.

Each of us wants to make the most of the time we have.

But do you know how you actually use your time?

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How to Achieve True Personal Growth

How to Achieve True Personal Growth

You know the feeling when you become completely entrenched in a book?

You deeply feel the words on the page. You begin to act it out in your head. It’s on your mind all the time.

I find it all too easy to embody what I’m reading and learning in a book. It’s a way that I process the new information, filter what sticks, and find missing pieces that I need to make it feel complete.

This typically happens with really juicy stories, like Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and Year of Yes, and inspiring business books, like The Business Solution to Poverty and Clay, Water, Brick.

One current read has had an unanticipated effect on me.

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The 2 Perspectives You Need to Start a New Business

The 2 Perspectives You Need to Start a New Business

Today is a big milestone for me. Eighteen months ago I dropped my daughter off for her first full day with her childminder (home-based daycare for non-Brits.) She was six months old and I was filled with those new parent anticipations: nervous, desolate, excited, hopeful.

Not only was it a big day as a parent, it marked the beginning of a new journey in my career.

I was starting my new business to support unconventional designers craft their career paths and create businesses around their aspirations, talents, and visions for impact.

But it wasn’t going to be easy

You know the saying hindsight is 20-20? Well, this post is all about hindsight.

I’m going to give you a realistic perspective and mindset that I wish I had on February 17th, 2016.

Now, I do not expect you to take it ALL on board immediately. This is a post that you might want to bookmark and come back to.

And if you take just one insight today, I will be satisfied.

Because this is the most important thing you need to know

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How to Use Rejection to Make Your Unique Value More Powerful

How to Use Rejection to Make Your Unique Value More Powerful

Have you started writing and sharing your profile statement and your new bio?

What are people telling you? How are they responding?

Are you hearing a lot of,

Yes, that’s you! Get it out there!

Or is it more on the lines of,

Hmmm, suuuure, that sounds good. Wait, actually, what does that mean?

Or maybe some are flat out,

Nah, I don’t get it. You need to be more direct. Too much jargon.’

Pay close attention to those no’s and wishy-washy feedback because they are a source of comfort – and they are helping you get better at communicating what you do.Continue Reading