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How To Craft an Authentic Bio that Will Attract Your Tribe

How To Craft an Authentic Bio that Will Attract Your Tribe

The 5 essential pieces you need for a compelling about page, plus 5 brilliant examples

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by narrowing down to a one-sentence profile statement, your about page is a better place to start. It will give you more space (literally) to inject more of your unique words and play with the format of speaking to the people you want to work with.

Then you can select the most important pieces to create that one-sentence profile statement on your social media profiles, as a tagline, or use it as an intro with people you meet.

In this article, you’ll get more questions to go further into each of the five essential parts to your bio:

  1. You/Your business
  2. Your clients
  3. Your clients’ results
  4. Your product/service
  5. Your uniqueness

But before we jump in, I have a challenge for you, dear creative friends. This is especially helpful if you are using your bio on your website, CV, resume, or some ‘designed’ thing.

Here it goes:Continue Reading

How To Create an Irresistibly Unique Profile That Will Make You Proud

How To Create an Irresistibly Unique Profile That Will Make You Proud

How do you describe what you do? And how unique does it sound?

When I was editor at Impact Design Hub, I received up to 10 emails a week from designers pitching projects, organizations, and ideas to be featured on our site. There’s no denying that each one was a worthy idea for worthy people and worthy causes.

But the pitches all sounded basically the same.

Social impact, social enterprise, marginalized, and disadvantaged were the most common words used.

(Don’t get me wrong – I used these terms A TON, too.)

The issue was using these terms didn’t help the people pitching. It made them part of the crowd rather than setting them apart.Continue Reading

Questions on Social Impact Design

Think back to when you first discovered social impact design. Your head buzzed with excitement. You enthusiastically told your friends, family and anyone with a willing ear about this new area of work you want to dedicate yourself to. You Googled (or even dug through the–gasp!–library records) to research people, projects, theory, and history on it. You read magazines, books, blogs, anything you could get your hands on about it.

But that just whet your appetite.Continue Reading

How to Define Your Path in Social Impact Design


Stefan Sagmeister querying the What Design Can Do audience on levels of happiness

This question continues to pop-up from people who are interested in working and participating in the field, yet there aren’t too many resources on how to do this. Part of the issue is social impact design doesn’t have the same structure and clear career path as other design professions like architecture and design. It’s nascent and this is both exciting and daunting.

Based on my nine years working within the field, here are a few pieces of advice on how to begin to define your own path.Continue Reading

12 Ways to Make Community Engagement Actually Worthwhile

2013-08-13 11.50.08

community engagement

participatory design


community-led design

human-centered design

At the root of these methods is end users being central to the design process–and being involved from as early as possible.

The myriad tools and tactics to achieve this design practice are extensive:

  • workshops
  • surveys
  • interviews
  • focus groups
  • observational studies
  • analogous situation research
  • expert interviews
  • and many more

With so much at your disposal, how do you choose the best ones? How do you know which will result in effective and meaningful results? How do you if those activities will lead to a fulfilling outcome?

Well, the honest truth is:Continue Reading