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Sanctuary, Integration, and Representation: An Embassy for Refugees by Natasha Reid


What do you think of when you hear ‘marginalised communities’? Thoughts of far off, remote places? Makeshift encampments? A neighborhood that makes you weary?

When I hear ‘marginalised communities’, I’m reminded of Design for the Other 90%, the first exhibit I saw that sparked my interest in broadening design’s impact. To put 90% in perspective, this represents 6.4 billion people. That’s a whole LOT of people, and a hugely diverse group.Continue Reading

Grow Up, Urban Farming: Aquaponics Takes on London

You know when you’re deciding what to cook for a group of people and trying to appease all the different taste preferences? No gluten. No red meat. No dairy. No vegetables. Wait–what?!? Well, I’m easy when it comes to veggies. I’ve never met a vegetable that I didn’t like.

Growing up in California–the state that produces 15% of the United States’ crops–my childhood diet was based on access to a plethora of fresh vegetables and fruit. My family’s home was part of a development built on an apricot farm so the area that wasn’t covered by the homes, driveways, street, and grass remained many of the original apricot trees. I spent many summers harvesting apricots off of our trees, halving and pitting them to lay out on boards to dry or preparing them to be canned and jammed.

apricots_farlaneContinue Reading