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Knowledge just isn’t cutting it

Books, articles, publications, podcasts, and lectures are a huge source of inspiration and insight into the field. They provide the stories, the trials, and the tribulations.

Sometimes you even get a glimpse of your ideal life. The moment when you say, “Wow, that could be me someday.”

But knowledge has its limitations.

You can see where you want to be but there’s a whole lot of darkness in between where you currently stand and that light at the end of the tunnel. “How do I get there?” you probably have asked too many times to count. “How can I create my own version of what they’re doing?”

And this is for good reason.

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Ready for More Impactful Work? A Free Course for You

The end of November is a unique time to connect with family and friends and reflect on what matters most. Taking time to cook with loved ones, share a big Thanksgiving meal, and verbally recognize why you’re grateful is a grounding experience. It’s a 180-degree shift from days filled with emailing, commuting, cleaning, and checking Instagram.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving for a group of expats and Brits at our flat in East London. Being surrounded by old and new friends from a variety of backgrounds made me appreciate all that we as humans have in common.

We each took a moment to share what we were grateful for this year, and mine was time dedicated to exploring two new areas of life: becoming a parent and working on this new phase of Design Affects.

A resounding “yes!” for the new course

The same day we gathered together with friends for a Thanksgiving meal, I shared an idea for a course with you. In this post, I asked if you were interested and what you wanted to work on.Continue Reading

The Truth About Not Knowing Where to Start

[Note: Following up on this post, I’m getting ready to create a second freebie. But before I get too far along, I want to make sure it will help you make progress. Scroll to the bottom of the article for more details on what it is.]

Last week I posed this question to our community:

What is the hardest thing about taking the first step towards shifting your career?

Surprisingly no one blamed Trump. (Just kidding.)

After the political dust settled, new emails, tweets and comments began coming in with responses like:

“Not knowing where to start”

“Fear of failure”

“Paying the bills”

“Being reactive rather than proactive”

“Having LOTS of ideas”

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Time to Go Further (And Why I’m Asking for More)

Two months ago my first free product began arriving in inboxes around the globe. Day-by-day, the number has grown at an astonishing rate. We are nearly up to 400 people downloading, reading, and responding to it. The initial cap I set at one hundred was merely to confirm my assumptions—and now I know that the desire for a career in the field resonates much further than I anticipated.

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This Autumn: 1-on-1 Career Coaching Program

Six months ago I decided to not return to the Editor-in-Chief position at Impact Design Hub. It wasn’t an easy decision, especially as I was returning to work from maternity leave. A secure, nicely paid contract position doing work on a topic that resonates deeply with me, surrounded by inspiring, intelligent and funny colleagues—why give that up?

Well, as I mentioned in this post, I was feeling disconnected from those working on the ground. Getting information on the how, who, what and why in this field is important. But it only gets people so far. I was yearning for a more interactive, transformative connection to practitioners–a way to put all the knowledge, resources and expertise I’d acquired to use.

So long story short, I’ve decided to focus on working directly with committed, passionate practitioners, beginning with you here at Design Affects.

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