How to Choose a Title that Actually Improves Your Career

How to Choose a Title that Actually Improves Your Career

Is your title holding you back from better clients, more impactful projects, and personal fulfillment?

Creative Changemaker Mia Scharphie knows that feeling all too well.

With a degree in landscape architecture, Mia felt mentally limited in her career path despite working with progressive design organizations such as Public Architecture, Harvard University, and her own Build Yourself Workshop.

Only after committing to ditch ‘Landscape Designer’ for one year was she able to fully embrace how to apply her skills, talents, and expertise beyond traditional expectations.

Her practice, Creative Agency, is flourishing. She’s launching a new online training, the Build Yourself Accelerator. All in large part due to going through a few iterations of her title before landing on ‘Creative Changemaker.’

In this exclusive Design Affects interview, Mia shares more on:

  • the importance of flexibility and iteration when experimenting with new titles
  • key questions and steps to take when you explore how to describe yourself differently
  • an opportunity to work with Mia and a group of creative women on authentic self promotion to accelerate your career

Listen to the episode here:

Show Notes

Knowing, communicating, and living in this talent-focused state of being is the foundation to creating more impact for others – and this is what I want you to tap into.

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