(For Serious Social Impact Designers) A Free Social Impact Design Business Kit

This morning I woke at 5.54am to the sound of my daughter babbling in her room. ‘Finally, making progress!’ I thought.

Sleep training an infant is hard work. If you’ve been there (and survived, and succeeded), I have the utmost respect for you. And if you haven’t, I am very envious and hope you relish every night of uninterrupted sleep (something everyone tells you to do before having kids but you never realize until you don’t have it anymore.)

Anyway, back to biz.

After coffee number two (or is it three?) of the day, I decided to check on the email and blog I sent two days ago about making a free thing. I shut my eyes when I clicked on the list number and to my surprise… we had a quarter of you sign up in the first 12 hours!

I was seriously shocked.

As much as I’m an optimist, I tend to expect the worst so I’m not devastated when things go awry.

But you spoke loud and clear.

And this means the “Becoming a Social Impact Designer Resource Kit” is a go.

You know that social impact design career paths are out there. I knew this, too, when I was researching organizations way back in 2007.

I remember digging through the website pages of Architecture for Humanity, Project H, Asian Neighborhood Design, Catapult, and many others trying to figure out how they were making it work, and how I might be able to adopt their methods and business model.

But the information wasn’t there (and I wasn’t confident enough at that time to ask!) so I had to piecemeal it together on my own.

Nine years on, here we are today.

You’ve shared your hopes and dreams to have a sustainable, impactful and meaningful career. You’ve said that you want to turn those ideas and projects into a full-fledged vocation, not just weeknight and weekend work.

The “Becoming a Social Impact Designer Resource Kit” is meant to fill those gaps of critical information so you can put that stake in the ground, begin to carve your own path in the field, and pursue those dreams.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

If you signed up before this post was published, you WILL get the kit I’m making (at no cost) next week.

This kit is only going to be available for free to 100 people at this time. So if you want to be one of the final few to receive it next week, simply enter your email address below.

And, if you have a couple spare minutes, I’d love to hear any suggestions you have on what you’d like to get from the kit by leaving a comment below.

I seriously love to hear from you and take your comments on board (HCD in practice, right?)

Time to crack on,


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