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The end of November is a unique time to connect with family and friends and reflect on what matters most. Taking time to cook with loved ones, share a big Thanksgiving meal, and verbally recognize why you’re grateful is a grounding experience. It’s a 180-degree shift from days filled with emailing, commuting, cleaning, and checking Instagram.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving for a group of expats and Brits at our flat in East London. Being surrounded by old and new friends from a variety of backgrounds made me appreciate all that we as humans have in common.

We each took a moment to share what we were grateful for this year, and mine was time dedicated to exploring two new areas of life: becoming a parent and working on this new phase of Design Affects.

A resounding “yes!” for the new course

The same day we gathered together with friends for a Thanksgiving meal, I shared an idea for a course with you. In this post, I asked if you were interested and what you wanted to work on.

You responded with a resounding, “Yes, please!” And, all the ideas you sent have helped me clarify exactly what we need to cover.

So thank you to everyone who has emailed, tweeted and messaged me.

The free course is a go.

Deep down, you know what you want to do. If you look into previous and current behavior patterns, you will begin to identify which people, environments, and skills you need to get there.

The problem with day-to-day life is that it’s too easy to get caught up in “doing.” We are told to make, create, ship, iterate, and improve. Indeed, these are all important actions.

But if you don’t put time towards reflecting and analyzing what you’ve done—even if it’s just 20 minutes a week, a month or a quarter—you can quickly lose sight of the bigger picture.

So this is exactly what we’ll be covering in the course: creating a simple, 2-part reflection framework to assess past and current work and evaluate future opportunities. You can use this as often or occasionally as you like to check in on what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and where you want to end up.

Now onto the course details.

If you signed up before this post was published, you already received an early invitation to the free course I’m hosting next week.

The course will be limited to 30 participants so if you want to attend, simply click the link below to enroll.

Join the course <

And if you have a couple more minutes, leave a comment below with the most important thing you want to be able to do after the course. Your input is essential for getting the most out of our time together.

See you online soon,


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