How To Create an Irresistibly Unique Profile That Will Make You Proud

How To Create an Irresistibly Unique Profile That Will Make You Proud

How do you describe what you do? And how unique does it sound?

When I was editor at Impact Design Hub, I received up to 10 emails a week from designers pitching projects, organizations, and ideas to be featured on our site. There’s no denying that each one was a worthy idea for worthy people and worthy causes.

But the pitches all sounded basically the same.

Social impact, social enterprise, marginalized, and disadvantaged were the most common words used.

(Don’t get me wrong – I used these terms A TON, too.)

The issue was using these terms didn’t help the people pitching. It made them part of the crowd rather than setting them apart.

And when you want to raise the profile of your project for funding, or your organization for awareness, or even yourself for hiring, then you need to showcase that uniqueness with your unique blend of words.

First things first: change that yearning for the “perfect” description

Since starting my consulting and training business a year ago, I’ve had to face this challenge head on. It’s essential to make what I do standout out from the crowd and attract the people I enjoy working with.

Defining and communicating my unique value has been a series of experiments (more on how I embrace experimenting here). I’ve tested formatting, sprinkled in uncommon adjectives, and, most importantly, put it out into the world for feedback.

Feedback is essential, and treating your profile as a mini project will release the pressure to “get it right.” (Check out the worksheet in this post for tips on how to get better feedback.)

Because this is the truth about your profile: it’s not a one and done deal. You change, your offer changes, the people you want to work with are changing. So communicating you, your project or your business must be an ongoing process to reach clarity, effectiveness, and authenticity.

How to transform simple quiz results into an inspired profile

Now that you’ve embraced the exploratory mindset, you are ready to put pen to paper. And I have a secret to share with you.

The hidden strategy I used to create a unique profile I’m proud of is selecting key words and statements from multiple personality tests.

See, every personality test is meant to provide you a specific insight–your talents, your drivers, your work style, etc–so you need more than just one to infuse your profile with your personality.

So if you’re feeling uninspired by how you describe yourself, your passion project or your organization–and you want to stand out–here are my three favorite quizzes to infuse your profile with more of YOU.

1. Define your core motivations & talents with Cerries Mooney’s Archetype Test

This quiz generates your dominant archetype from psychologist Carl Jung’s twelve common archetypes. It’s essential to not get wrapped up in the character name, for example Innocent or Caregiver. Instead, pull out the words describing your core desires, goals, and inherent talents that always exist in your subconscious.

2. Determine your unique qualities & actions with Fascination Advantage

Want to know how others perceive you? This quiz will give you uncanny insight into how others see you when you are at your best. Similar to the archetype, resist obsessing over your moniker (although they are insanely catchy). Instead, choose the words and phrases that resonate most with how you can better describe what you do and how you do it differently.

3. Identify what you need to offer with Quiet Power Strategy Growth Styles

In a matter of minutes you can have direction on your business using this flowchart. Once you select your direction, scroll down the page to discover your core business strategy, revenue options, marketing suggestions, and pitfalls to keep on your radar.

Have you found an uber-insightful resource to improve your profile? Hundreds of impact-driven designers just like you visit this site each week. Spread the wealth and share 1 or 2 of your favorite resources in the comments below!

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