Knowledge just isn’t cutting it

Books, articles, publications, podcasts, and lectures are a huge source of inspiration and insight into the field. They provide the stories, the trials, and the tribulations.

Sometimes you even get a glimpse of your ideal life. The moment when you say, “Wow, that could be me someday.”

But knowledge has its limitations.

You can see where you want to be but there’s a whole lot of darkness in between where you currently stand and that light at the end of the tunnel. “How do I get there?” you probably have asked too many times to count. “How can I create my own version of what they’re doing?”

And this is for good reason.

Knowing is just the first step in learning (see Bloom’s Taxonomy diagram below.) After you can recall facts and recite basic concepts, you move into understanding ideas and concepts. Then you apply information to new situations and analyze connections between ideas. Evaluating and weighing decisions preempts the ultimate goal: creating a new piece of work.

Each of these steps are essential to reaching the create phase. Think of it as marching along that dark tunnel, turning a light on with each step rather than just running straight for the light. This helps you make confident decisions in your next step and further down the line.

Join me tomorrow to move beyond knowledge.

Tomorrow afternoon (London time) I’ll be hosting a free course on “Creating a 2-Part Reflection Framework.” I’ve designed the course to move rapidly from knowledge to application in just 30 minutes. (My aim is for just 8 minutes of content and the rest of the time on activities.)

This is what you’ll be able to do by the end:

  1. Use a simple 2-part framework to evaluate projects as often as you need.
  2. Identify top criteria to compare future opportunities against.
  3. Look beyond just skills when identifying your ideal work.
  4. Apply your criteria to your CV, resume, portfolio, and/or website.

There are still a few spaces available (it’s limited to 30 participants) so sign up here:

> Join the course <

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

P.S. Inquiring minds have sent in questions about logistics of the course, which I’ve answered at the bottom of the course page under “FAQ.” Be sure to check this out if you want to attend but timing isn’t aligned with your schedule.

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