How do you act when confronted with challenge?


Yesterday I was flooded with a huge range of emotions. Absorbed in the results of the US election, what I felt was akin to loss and grief. Throughout the day, I bounced between shock, denial, anger, depression, acceptance, and hope.

It was unexpectedly paralyzing and debilitating. The day was reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina’s strike along the southern US when I was in pure shock from an outcome I was not fully prepared to accept. However, the range of emotions I felt then and yesterday were an aid to help me process thoughts on what it meant for me, my work, my beliefs, my values, and the future I want to see happen.Continue Reading

Time to Go Further (And Why I’m Asking for More)

Two months ago my first free product began arriving in inboxes around the globe. Day-by-day, the number has grown at an astonishing rate. We are nearly up to 400 people downloading, reading, and responding to it. The initial cap I set at one hundred was merely to confirm my assumptions—and now I know that the desire for a career in the field resonates much further than I anticipated.

The mentions and replies on Twitter have made me especially overwhelmed. Bragging is not typically my thing but I wanted to share a few favorites from old friends and new that have put a smile on my face.Continue Reading

This Autumn: 1-on-1 Career Coaching Program

Six months ago I decided to not return to the Editor-in-Chief position at Impact Design Hub. It wasn’t an easy decision, especially as I was returning to work from maternity leave. A secure, nicely paid contract position doing work on a topic that resonates deeply with me, surrounded by inspiring, intelligent and funny colleagues—why give that up?

Well, as I mentioned in this post, I was feeling disconnected from those working on the ground. Getting information on the how, who, what and why in this field is important. But it only gets people so far. I was yearning for a more interactive, transformative connection to practitioners–a way to put all the knowledge, resources and expertise I’d acquired to use.

So long story short, I’ve decided to focus on working directly with committed, passionate practitioners, beginning with you here at Design Affects.

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Now Available: Becoming a Social Impact Designer Resource Kit


Yesterday the “Becoming a Social Impact Designer Resource Kit” went out to everyone who asked for it. If you’re on my “Becoming a SIDer” list then double check your inbox (or click here to get the kit.)

Inside you will find:

  1. An illustrated journey on how I shifted practice from traditional architecture to social impact design, including funding information.
  2. 15 tried and tested tools that you can use today to improve your business acumen.
  3. 5 must-reads to challenge conventional practice.

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(For Serious Social Impact Designers) A Free Social Impact Design Business Kit

This morning I woke at 5.54am to the sound of my daughter babbling in her room. ‘Finally, making progress!’ I thought.

Sleep training an infant is hard work. If you’ve been there (and survived, and succeeded), I have the utmost respect for you. And if you haven’t, I am very envious and hope you relish every night of uninterrupted sleep (something everyone tells you to do before having kids but you never realize until you don’t have it anymore.)

Anyway, back to biz.

After coffee number two (or is it three?) of the day, I decided to check on the email and blog I sent two days ago about making a free thing. I shut my eyes when I clicked on the list number and to my surprise… Continue Reading