Time to Go Further (And Why I’m Asking for More)

Two months ago my first free product began arriving in inboxes around the globe. Day-by-day, the number has grown at an astonishing rate. We are nearly up to 400 people downloading, reading, and responding to it. The initial cap I set at one hundred was merely to confirm my assumptions—and now I know that the desire for a career in the field resonates much further than I anticipated.

The mentions and replies on Twitter have made me especially overwhelmed. Bragging is not typically my thing but I wanted to share a few favorites from old friends and new that have put a smile on my face.

Even @_ImpactDesign_, who creates daily tweets about leading social impact creatives, made this graphic:

Okay, thank you for indulging me this one time.

Your input made this happen

If you have been subscribing to Design Affects since July, you will probably remember this series of posts I published in August.

Whether you aware of it or not, we went through a co-creation process that led to the amazing response above. I shared ideas, asked questions, and provided suggestions, and in turn, you sent feedback and personal insight for me to take on board. It was a back and forth dialogue that resulted in uncovering essential information from you in order to create the BaSIDer resource kit.

Huzzah! This process is the reason why our community has expanded and more people are speaking up about their career dreams. It’s also the reason why even more has happened since then.

How I’ve spent my time the past two months

The weeks since BaSIDEr went live have been filled with 1-on-1 conversations, coaching sessions, and working on project number 2 (more on that later.)

Spending 20 minutes on Skype with practitioners has illuminated common roadblocks preventing people from taking a step towards their career dreams. Although it can feel isolating and lonely, you should feel a bit of comfort knowing that majority of you are struggling with similar challenges.

And now I am addressing and tackling many of these challenges with a handful of inspiring, thoughtful, determined people through the career coaching program. We are working on networking with leaders, defining and applying for dream jobs, and setting up new organizations through activities created to make progress. The change I see in each of them after just an hour together is immensely rewarding and gratifying.

Lastly, the surge of new members in the Design Affects community, from Panama to India and Portugal to Malaysia, is generating new buzz and energy for project number 2. They have arrived with similar aspirations and desires that our long-time community members have, reinforcing the reason why we are all here together.

What I learned from the resource kit

The BaSIDer kit achieved what it set out to do: provide an in-depth view into my journey and funding models and point you to existing resources to get started on your career dreams. Here are just a few confirmations from our community members:

Still clicking on all the links, but the kit itself is awesome.

I find it very interesting (personally) since I see overlaps with my aspirations and attempts.

I’d like to thank you for the time and effort you put in to produce the kit. I love the content, especially the journey map of your work.

Yet, unanswered questions are still coming in, which leads me to believe that…

It’s time to go further.

Given the success we had in creating the first resource kit, we now need to go deeper into what is holding you back from your career dreams.

If you read this blog, subscribe to my newsletter, or have downloaded the BaSIDer resource kit, I’d love to hear your answer to this simple question.

What is the hardest thing about taking the first step towards shifting your career?

Write and post your answer below and your input will be incorporated into what I’m working on now.

(Quick note: I highly encourage you to share this in the comments as you’ll encourage others to open up and even discover similar ideas. And know that this is a spam- and judgement-free zone where I review and respond to every comment.)

I take each and every response to heart (and mind) so I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

More soon,


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3 Responses to Time to Go Further (And Why I’m Asking for More)

  1. Marjolein says:

    The fear of failure and lack of clarity about making changes in a way that will work (and pay the bills…) and is manageable / safe doesn’t require changing everything about your existing life!

    • Katie says:

      Marjolein, thank you for your bravery in sharing this. I’m sure there are many people that feel this way, too. (If you do, simply reply, “Me too!”) Also, keep up the lovely creative work you’ve been doing (I perused your site ;))

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